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TRANZFOR programme (2009-2012) - Transferring Research between EU and Australia-New Zealand on Forestry and Climate Change

TRANZFOR launching event - 2 March 2009, INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine

05 February 2009

TRANZFOR launching event
Programme of the day


  • 10h-10h30 / Welcome (INRA, officials)

  • 10h30-11h00 : Introduction & presentation of TRANZFOR (J.M. CARNUS, INRA)

11h00-11h30 : Forest & Climate Change Research programmes in New Zealand (T. PAYN, SCION)

11h30-12h00 : Forest tree genomics in EU: current initiatives (Ch. PLOMION, INRA)

12H00-12h30 : Forest Models – links with TRANZFOR (M. TOME, ISA)
  • 12h30-14h00 / Lunch break

14h00-14h30 : Research programme on Sustaining Australia's Forest Ecosystem Resources (M BATTAGLIA, CSIRO)

14H30-15h00 : Climate change, forest biodiversity and productivity (H. JACTEL, INRA)

15h00-15h30 : Forest Climate Change and Bioenergy research programmes in Great Britain (P. FREER SMITH, FR)
  • 15h30-16h00 / Coffee break

16h00-16h30 : Adaptation of Atlantic forests to Climate change (Ch. ORAZIO, EFI Atlantic)

16h30-17h00 : Discussion and conclusions

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► TRANZFOR kick-off meeting presentations

  • Jean-Michel Carnus - INRA, France

  • Tim Payn - SCION, New Zealand

  • Michael Battaglia - CSIRO, Australia

  • Hervé Jactel - INRA, France

  • Peter Freer-Smith & Helen McKay- FR, United Kingdom

  • Christophe Plomion - INRA, France

  • Jean-Marc Guehl - INRA, France