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TRANZFOR programme (2009-2012) - Transferring Research between EU and Australia-New Zealand on Forestry and Climate Change

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Transferring Research between EU and Australia-New Zealand on Forestry and Climate Change

15 December 2010

SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME - Marie Curie Actions - International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)
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The objectives of TRANZFOR are to promote knowledge exchange in the general domain of Forests and Climate Change between Australia and New Zealand and the European Union through short to medium term (2– 12 months) staff exchanges. Work programmes have been developed around the following areas: Genomics and tree breeding, Forest Models, Environmental Services, Risk Assessment, Bioenergy. The purpose of the mid-term workshop was to:
  • share experience and knowledge gained through TRANZFOR exchanges to date among participants and projects

  • document and discuss emerging issues and forest adaptation priorities in each of the thematic areas to target future exchanges and explore more broadly common science agendas.

The project aims at strengthening research partnerships through staff exchanges and networking activities between 3 European research organisations from France, Portugal and United Kingdom, and 2 organisations from Australia and New Zealand. TRANZFOR addresses scientific issues related to “forestry and climate change”. It is based on a 4 years coordinated joint programme of exchange of researchers for short periods (2 to 12 months), thus providing mobility possibilities to individual researchers and support to research organisations to establish and reinforce long-term research co-operation.

The project has developed on the basis of active bilateral cooperation between individual countries and partners which has occurred in the past decade. The IRSES scheme provides a unique opportunity to integrate those past collaboration activities into a coherent programme addressing an issue of high priority on the political agenda of EU, New Zealand and Australia.

The programme of exchange is focused on forests, forestry and climate change interactions, including assessment of impacts of climate change on forest ecosystem functioning and development of adaptation and mitigation strategies for forest management. The range of common tree species of interest and of climatic conditions, as well as the strategic importance of planted forests in the 5 partner countries involved, will provide a coherent framework and socio-economic background for the different research activities that will be conducted. Five topics have been identified as most relevant for all partners involved in the joint programme: genomics and tree breeding strategies, forest models, environmental services, risk assessment and management, bioenergy.

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