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TRANZFOR programme (2009-2012) - Transferring Research between EU and Australia-New Zealand on Forestry and Climate Change

TRANZFOR mid-term workshop on 15-16 October 2010

06 October 2010

CSIRO, Hobart, Tasmania

TRANZFOR mid-term Workshop - 15 & 16 October 2010
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Day 1 - Friday 15th October

Morning tea from 9.30

Section 1: Introduction and overview

10:00 - Welcome, overview of meeting objectives, overview of TRANZFOR, by Michael Battaglia, CSIRO

10:10 - Australian Academy Sciences address TBA

10:20 - Review of first 18 months, exchanges and achievements, by Jean-Michel Carnus, INRA

Section 2: Highlights

10:30 - WP1 Genomics and tree breeding, by Erwin Dreyer, INRA

10:50 - WP2 Forest Models, by Don White, CSIRO and Eric Cassella UK-FR

11:10 - WP2 Forest Models, by Denis Loustau, INRA

11:30 - WP2 Forest Models, by Auro Almeida and Luis Fontes, ISA Portugal

11:40 - WP3 Environmental Services, by Thomas Paul or Tim Barnard, SCION

12:00 - nWP4 Risk Assessment, by Migel Gomez Da Cruz, CSIRO

12:20 - WP4 Risk Assessment, by Hugh Evans, UK Forest Research

12:40 - WP5 Biofuels, by Deborah O'Connell, CSIRO

13:00 Lunch

Section 3: National perspectives

14:00 - Australian Climate Change Adaptation: current activities nand future needs, by Michael Battaglia, CSIRO

14:20 - French Climate Change Adaptation: current activities and future needs, by Jean-Michel Carnus, INRA

14:40 - New Zealand Climate Change Adaptation: current activities and future needs, by Tim Payne, SCION

15:00 - UK Climate Change Adaptation: current activities and future needs, by Hugh Evans, UK Forest Research

15:20 - Update from IUFRO conference, by Tony O'Grady, CSIRO

15:30 Afternoon tea

Section 4: integration
16:00 - Being a PhD student in TRANZFOR: what opportunities have been realised
Discussion lead by Cyril Douthe and Caroline Bresson
16:20 - What have we learnt, what are the implications for future work program ? by Jean-Michel Carnus, INRA

17:00 CLOSE


Day 2 Saturday 16th October

10:00 - Working Parties to revise work plans and prepare workshop paper on cross nation learnings on forest and climate change adaptation



026 Mount Wellington walk to see >10 spp of eucalypts for those interested: good shoes and raincoat needed

Dinner for survivors by mutual consent ;-)))