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TRANZFOR programme (2009-2012) - Transferring Research between EU and Australia-New Zealand on Forestry and Climate Change

Participants - Consortium

Active and formal collaboration exist through TRANZFOR

Active and formal collaboration already exists between the two Australian and New Zealand partners involved in this TRANZFOR proposal through the Scion/CSIRO collaboration ‘Ensis’, and this reflects the very common research priorities of these two countries in the area of forests and climate change.

In the same way, active and formal collaboration exists between the three EU partners through various consortiums in relation with EU FP projects, COST actions,…(Table 8); in addition, those three partners have also a long lasting collaboration through the Atlantic Forests network and European Centre for Planted Forests.

Partners from both sides of the planet have had active bilateral cooperation in the past under different frames and funding system (ex: INRA with SCION under France-New Zealand cultural and scientific agreement or Dumont D’Urville integrated action programme). On the other hand, in some areas there are obvious complementarities that need to be further developed; for example, ISA is engaged in post-fire management, not so developed in CSIRO, and CSIRO has relevant experience in material flammability, or protection of people and property, not developed in ISA.

Horizontal Dividor

INRA France, public agricultural research – Environment – Food and Nutrition – Agriculture

The Forestry Commission of Great Britain

Instituto Superior de Agronomia | Aposta no Conhecimento e na Inovação

the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

New Zealand Crown Research Institute

Potential to develop lasting collaboration with the eligible Third Country partners

All 3 EU partners of TRANZFOR have proven their ability to work together in past and current collaborative projects of successive framework...
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