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TRANZFOR programme (2009-2012) - Transferring Research between EU and Australia-New Zealand on Forestry and Climate Change

CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

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the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

The Forest Biosciences programs respond to knowledge gaps in the environmental importance of forests and in the forest industries value chain. New strategic areas for the business unit are forests in the global carbon cycle and the role of renewables in the bioeconomy.

The proposed collaboration will involve CFB’s major research Theme Sustaining Australia’s Forest Ecosystem Resources (SAFER).

This Theme aims to enhance and protect the delivery of multiple economic and environmental benefits from Australia’s forests, including the supply of forest products, storage of carbon, water quality and yield and the protection of biodiversity values.

Horizontal Dividor
..:: Curriculum Vitae of key staff ::..

Michael Battaglia

CSIRO - Leads the "Sustaining Australia's Forest Resources" theme
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Geoff Downes

CSIRO - Leads a group in wood properties assessment
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Auro Almeida

CSIRO - Senior Research Scientist
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John Finnigan

CSIRO - Chief scientist
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Jim Gould

CSIRO - Leads of bushfire research team
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Charlie Hawkins

CSIRO - Principal research scientist
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Caroline Mohammed

CSIRO - Principal Research scientist
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Libby Pinkard

CSIRO - Senior research scientist
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Harry Wu

CSIRO - Research forest genetics
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